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Your partner in decision-making intelligence

Business Intelligence

Using the power of data to create value

Consultant-BI offers a wide range of complementary services to help you better understand your business and improve your decision-making process.

Is your company deriving maximum benefit from its internal and external data and achieving peak performance? Organisational methods and the spread of data are common barriers when making complex decisions.


Data: a source of innovation and growth.

Business Intelligence covers a wide range of methodologies, tools and applications which are all designed to help manage your company more effectively.

Consultant-BI is there to assist you in all stages of your B.I. project. We can help you make strategic and operational decisions, both in terms of the collection and storage of data as well as using and analyzing it, and in creating visual reports.

A well-executed B.I. project has an impact on every level of the company:

More straightforward access to decision-making information

Enlightened decision-making

Increase in sales

Optimised marketing campaigns

Personalised client relationships

Improved operational efficiency

Better performing maintenance

More appropriate allocation of resources

The business objective

Gain a competitive edge

Your business objective made simple: better performance, generate new forms of value and gain that competitive edge over your competitors.

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