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Consistency, confidentiality, continuity

The objective behind this type of exercise is to guarantee consistency, confidentiality and continuity of the data contained in your databases.

Identifying and capturing information

As a priority you need to identify and capture the information that is essential in the running of your business.

Consultant-BI and its teams are there to help you:

• Analyse the structure of your databases and their physical and logical models
• Standardise the formatting and layout of the contents
• Deduplicate and geolocate data
• Test the quality and validity of content
• Develop a policy for acquiring new data
• Enrich your databases by integrating external data
• Be assured of the legality and permissibility of the data
• Etc.


Enrich your clients’ knowledge

Enrich your clients’ knowledge by updating their profile. More refined knowledge goes hand in hand with a boost in sales and greater effectiveness. Tried and tested: selling to an existing client is much less costly than acquiring a new one.


If you don’t have the information, other professionals probably do.

The market

With so many providers on the market and fluctuations in service quality, prices may vary with no apparent explanation.

Expertise acquired first hand
from 20 years in the sector

Thanks to our expertise gained over 20 years in the sector, we can help you to select the right partners, optimise your acquisition costs and improve the performance of acquired data, all the while guaranteeing strict respect for national and European legislation.


Your customer and financial capital lies within your data

Your customer and financial capital lies within your data. It is essential to guarantee their integrity and confidentiality. This is also a legal obligation with sophisticated monitoring.
There are major risks for your company when your data is not secure:

• Customer poaching

• Loss of intellectual property

• Adverse effect on trade secrets

• Falsification of your analyses

• Bad press and financial risks

All risks can be managed but what would a major data breach cost you, temporarily or permanently?

Consultant-BI is able to lend its expertise in identifying all elements of a data security policy

• Intruder test
• Organisational audit
• Vulnerability audit
• Code audit
• Fuzzing
• Respect for international norms and standards
• Technical architecture
• Practices & user policies
• Disaster recovery plan.


Bring your data to life

With your data, whether it is structured or not, in small or large quantities, you need to think about how you interact with it and make it meaningful.

Consultant-BI can help you to select the right solutions, analyse your data and bring it to life.

Anarchy reigns in the company

When it comes to the tools used by companies, very often anarchy reigns: apart from the omnipresent spreadsheet, data mining solutions are used as well as decision-making tools to create reports, etc. The range of solutions available on the market is also extremely broad.

Data Analysis and Data Science

This technical domain is often poorly understood. It comes down to Data Analysis and Data Science. It is based on a multidimensional and descriptive, or even predictive, statistical family.

Better understanding of relationships

These methodologies have been remarkably successful in recent years, primarily because they are based on graphical representation systems which lead to better understanding of the relations between complex or unobvious phenomena.

The most important task is to extract meaning and pick out the most significant aspects.


Transform your data into information that is ready to share

Heart of business intelligence

Consultant-BI helps you with the very heart of business intelligence: designing visual reporting tools, information sharing and guidance for your company.

A tool for understanding information

Data visualisation is first and foremost a tool for understanding information but it is also a powerful tool for communicating between the various parties involved in decision-making: management board, the board of directors… You don’t need to be a specialist to understand a visual representation of data.

Challenge of big data

With the surge in the volume of data and faced with the challenge of big data, Data Visualisation is particularly adept at capturing and deciphering complex situations.

Fast and high-performing management

Reports with visual representations make for fast and high-performing management. Nothing really comes close to a graphical approach when it comes to effective decision-making.

What are the challenges of a good data visualisation tool?

• Have a better grip on measuring progress towards your objectives, the means used, the results
• Track your indicators as closely as possible in real time to be able to react as quickly as possible
• Allows you to adapt your activities in real time
• Allows you to anticipate developments on the market, consumer trends,…

The solutions on the market

There are many data visualisation tools available on the market: each with their own characteristics.

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