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Boost your data marketing with psychographics

Do you believe that it is essential to better understand your clients?

We hope so. When you know who your clients are, how they make their decisions and what they like, you can sell to them much more efficiently.

Techniques of segmentation

Marketing has developed different methodologies for approaching and understanding clients, some qualitative and the others quantitative. Sometimes they are active and sometimes they are passive. These are the techniques of segmentation.

Psychology of the client

It contributes to identifying people according to how they think and the type of life that they want to live. This method emphasises the psychology of the client, on which the company can focus for its marketing activities.

Psychographic approach

The psychographic approach has the characteristic of segmenting the market according to the psychology and personality of clients, their characteristics, lifestyles, attitudes etc.

Boost your digital marketing

Consultant-BI proposes to boost your digital marketing with high doses of psychographic techniques.

Segmentation methods

Better understand your clients through psychographic methods

The main methods of segmentation are based on demographic variables (age, gender, location, status, income, education,…) and enable the structure of a population of clients or prospects to be understood. They explain where they are and who they are.

Demographic data provides understanding of who buys your product or service, while psychographic data provides understanding of why.

Demographic data provides no explanation as to how clients reason and why they act in such a manner. Understanding this is precisely the field of psychographic segmentation techniques.

If a company is capable of understanding the psychology of its clients, it can better target its products and services, be more efficient in its communication, optimise its conversions and build greater loyalty.

It is therefore essential to understand what the psychographic tendencies of your clients are.

Born in the United States, the psychographic approach is precious not only for structuring your marketing and your policy towards clients. It can also be applied in identifying trends and in predictive marketing.

How does Facebook see you?

3 minutes of relaxation. Would you like to see how the social network sees you and recommends you to advertisers? Go to Your advertising preferences. This is a sheer joy in helping to understand the power of psychographics. Even though it is not perfect.

Advantages of the psychographic approach

Understanding of the decision-making dynamics of clients

A better understanding of the decision-making dynamics of clients is essential to all sectors and companies who wish to offer niche products or services or to personalise the user experience. Tourism is an example of this.

Dividing the psychographic segments

This also applies when your target market has radically uneven demographics: it is then appropriate to seek to divide it into psychographic segments. It is a powerful means of marketing the same product to groups who otherwise appear different.

At the confluence of BI and technologies

Although it long remained a speciality that was difficult to access and barely usable, psychographic approaches have undergone unprecedented development since the generalisation of the Internet and the analysis power of data marketing, business intelligence, big data and artificial intelligence. They are now at the core of the functioning and economic model of the large digital platforms and online services.

Knowing what your clients think, how they reason and why they act can generate additional value and increase the ROI of your commercial policy.

Including psychographic techniques in your data marketing and even your overall marketing can be a disruptive competitive advantage in relation to your competitors.


In concrete terms, what is the effect on your digital marketing?

All of its aspects are affected:

1. The more precise construction of "personas" with enhanced profiles

2. The creation of brands that are more differentiated by shared values

3. Personalised user experiences

4. More intuitive structure of web interfaces

5. Better use of communication channels

6. Refined identification of client requirements in an inbound strategy

7. Content of better quality that matches the public's expectations

8. Differentiated positioning of social campaigns and retargeting

9. More efficient use of the creativity and persuasive capacity of creatives

10. Optimised landing pages

11. Improved analysis of your web data through more appropriate segmentation

12. Enhanced client commitment and improved efficiency in loyalty-building tactics

13. Etc.

Scope of Consultant-BI's projects

Consultant-BI is just as involved in the strategic definition of a psychographic approach as in its operational implementation and the processing of internal and external data.

Rather than acquiring sparse and ephemeral data that is quickly obsolete, our vocation and mission is to help you exploit existing internal and external data via more innovative approaches, from deep learning to business intelligence.

Let's come back to our social network example. Extrapolate broader processing, mixing the sources. Identifying client segments having the same tastes or the same interests in activities becomes simple, by mixing:

• Activities, interests, opinions
• Lifestyle
• Values and attitudes – expression of ideas, achievements, personal expression

• Personality traits – social, extroverted, introverted, emotional, imaginative, etc.
• Social status

Full compatibility with the GDPR

On 26 May 2018, the European regulations on the protection of privacy impose new requirements concerning the collection and processing of personal data.

Consultant-BI's approach is fully compliant with the GDPR. Our methodologies resemble profiling and the processing of internal and external data. We guarantee you full compliance with the European legislation.

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