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Construct a winning marketing strategy using data

The greatest opportunities for B.I. are in marketing and sales:

• Cultivating a reputation and branding
• Segmentation and targeting
• Effectiveness and ROI of publicity campaigns
• Cross-marketing and multi-channel relations
• Nurturing client relationships
• Commitment to the brand
• Remarketing and retargeting operations
• Personalisation of services and products
• User-friendly experience
• Grow a loyal client base
• ….

Communication strategy example from Consultant B.I.:

1° Social Network

2° Video

3° White Paper

4° Email campaign

Decisions become more precise and easier to assess

Among the mass of behavioural data in your possession, data available on social networks or data that can be accessed using web analytics tools, can help your company to take decisions that are more precise and easier to assess.

Consultant-BI offers a whole range of solutions, starting with data analysis, in order to:

• Assess what the most relevant information is,
• Identify possible areas of action,
• Uncover any potential threats,
• Pick up trends and developments.

The aim is to compile and explore the most relevant sources of information to make the best possible decisions. Decisions which:

• Are based on the real behaviour of clients,
• Are linked to established data,
• Highlight new forms of associating meaning,
• Allow you to make clear predictions,
It is likely that you already have multiple sets of data in your DBs.
There are many ways of enriching it too.

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