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Data: a vector
for the digital economy

Consultant Business Intelligence

The company Consultant-BI was set up by William Vande Wiele towards the end of 2016, at the heart of the digital network of Brabant.

William Vande Wiele has spent almost twenty years working in strategy consulting and services underpinned by client databases. An entrepreneur several times over, he has set up numerous companies: leaders in the data sector in Belgium, France and Asia. A board member at several well-known firms and an administrator at Kompass International, he has a proven track record of anticipating trends gained over two decades.
In particular, he was quick to observe that marketing had permanently shifted into a phase based on real time interactions and client relations.

The company Consultant-BI is founded on the strength of firm conviction of Mr Vande Wiele that data is the economic energy source of the 21st century.


“I have had the pleasure of working alongside William during the two years he advised us following the sale of the company.
What can I say about his qualities?
Unbelievable personal involvement, very strong business instincts, an original approach to technical and business matters and a rare ability to come up with solutions where others see only problems, often with a modesty which belies his skills. Furthermore, William is a loyal partner and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any company management keen to broaden their horizons to encompass new ways of thinking."

Patrick Coupier, CEO, Kompass Group, Paris, France

“Over ten years of working with William has taught me more about what it is exactly that makes for a true entrepreneur: an ambitious vision of the future, a rare propensity to tackle work head on, an unquenchable thirst to innovate, take risks and come out on top, a formidable head for business but always respectful towards others, a confidence and loyalty gained as much through effort as sheer talent, a healthy desire to do business without becoming money-obsessed and all of this with a desire to live his life fully whilst improving the lives of those he cares about.”

Prof. Marc Henri De Bruyne, Founding Consultant, VADEMECOM, Brussels, Belgium

“Meeting as part of my journalistic activities for almost ten years now, William very quickly guided me through the digital transformation of my company. His advice, over time, has always been highly valued and his recommendations have always paid dividends. I warmly recommend his skills.”

Alain de Fooz, editor, Solutions Magazine/Soluxions Magazine, Brussels, Belgium

"I met William 15 years ago when I was looking for qualitative, digital data.
William is not only an excellent digital entrepreneur but also an outstanding creative who has the ability to continually reinvent his business and anticipate on the latest market trends.
I have been collaborating with him for the past 15 years and he proves us every day with his loyalty and seriousness that business relationships are mostly based on commitment and trust.”

Patrice Ceccaldi, Président – CEO chez Altares – Dun and Bradstreet, Paris, France

“I have had the pleasure of working with William over several years. He is a consummate professional in data and digital marketing. His expertise has led us to create products and services with a high degree of added value. William has drawn on his perfect knowledge of the markets and market players to transform our strategies into tangible action points and business plans. Working alongside William every day is easy and enjoyable.”

Olivier Mayot, Managing Partner, ByPath, Paris, France

“William has been a major partner in my direct marketing agency theBluePill. He and his teams have always been swift to react and have shown a real talent for coming up with solutions for our clients’ communication needs.
His knowledge of databases has helped with acquisition campaigns throughout Europe and in all types of segments, even the most niche.
His proactive approach and professional demeanour have regularly turned marketing campaigns into success stories.”

Xavier Delanglade, Digital Entrepreneur, RedPill SAS, Paris, France

“I’ve been working with William for 15 years. He has always been ahead of the game in digital marketing and especially emailing. He has been more like a partner than a supplier and with his help we have managed to achieve real growth in our respective companies!”

Thomas Poussardin, Deputy Director General, Manageo, Aix-En-Provence, France

“I have been working with William for over 15 years now: first as a client, then as a supplier or partner. William is a true entrepreneur who always wants to come up with solutions before he even sees the problems. He was ahead of many others in spotting the opportunities of digital marketing and has developed solutions by listening carefully to the needs of his clients. Never one to shy away from a bold approach and without any fear of risk-taking, William fulfils his commitments with a keen sense of what works.”

Pierre Lelong, Disruptive Innovation Hunter, Technofutur TIC, Gosselies, Belgium

“It has been a real privilege to get to know and work with William. William is intelligent, a visionary, ethical and down-to-earth, pragmatic and deeply committed. He has the dreamlike qualities that make for a successful partnership. William has an in-depth and refined understanding of and mastery over the world of data. An opportunity to cross paths with William is one not to be missed under any circumstances.”

Alain Szleper, Managing Director, ESBE International sa, Brussels, Belgium

Network of experts

To implement this project, Consultant-BI works with a network of internal and external experts who specialise in the various domains spanning B.I.:

Data analysts

Data scientists

Business analysts

Software engineers

Cybersecurity specialists

B.I. consultants

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