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Consultant-BI guarantees respect for privacy

Our commitment in favour of the GDPR

Consultant-BI undertakes, in accordance with the legislation in force in Belgium and in Europe, to protect the confidentiality and security of the personal data of the users of its services, and to respect their privacy.

Consultant-BI is a limited company whose head office is at Clos Paul Duquenne 12, 1435 Hevillers, Belgium and is registered at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0884.349.691.

To oversee the correct application of privacy arrangements, Consultant-BI has designated a Data Protection Officer, who will be your specialised interlocutor in the protection of personal data and who you can contact at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The present Charter explains why and how Consultant-BI collects data, which may be of a personal character, the procedures according to which Consultant-BI processes it and the conditions surrounding its communication to third parties.

Protecting your privacy in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation is a commitment of Consultant-BI.

This respect for the confidentiality of personal data is essential to obtain and keep your trust. Consultant-BI does this through its internal procedures, its secure technology and with its partners and subcontractors.

Upon request, Consultant-BI will provide you with a snapshot of your personal data in its possession.

Consultant-BI does everything possible to keep this data up-to-date. If you consider it erroneous or incomplete, we will make the necessary corrections to it.

Our business

Consultant-BI is a company specialised in methodologies for the analysis, processing, interpretation and extrapolation of data and the prediction of trends, which may or may not be of a personal character. This processing, by our clients or by Consultant-BI, may be for commercial purposes – for example, special offers, engaging or increasing the loyalty of clients, recruitment management, satisfaction surveys, protection of property and persons, etc. It may also be used for public-policy purposes (health, education, sanitary prevention,…), for non-profit-making purposes or for maintaining public order and public decency.

Consultant-BI undertakes to check the legitimacy of the collection and processing of the data of the clients that it advises.

In this regard, Consultant-BI has no business line collecting personal data. The data that Consultant-BI collects on you is collected for the use of our site, to optimise its functioning, or for specific services that you decide to use with Consultant-BI. Under no circumstances does Consultant-BI collect data on minors in the digital sense of the term (13 years in Belgium, 15 in France).

On its various forms and in the provision of its services, Consultant-BI also makes sure that it reminds you of your rights. The functioning of the site or certain services provided to you may be impaired if they cannot access all of the data required for their proper functioning.

Purpose of processing and privacy

Consultant-BI undertakes that your personal data will be processed in accordance with the purpose for which it was obtained, which was announced to you and to which you consented.

As an expert to the client, it is possible that Consultant-BI may act in the capacity of subcontractor of the principal data manager. In this case, the present Charter applies with all of its obligations.

Disclosure and communication of data to third parties

Consultant-BI neither sells nor discloses the data in its possession to third parties, unless there is a legal obligation or court order requiring it to do so.

If Consultant-BI is obliged to subcontract, in whole or in part, certain processes (securing, e-mailshots, backup in the cloud,…) to third-party companies, Consultant-BI imposes the same privacy rules on its subcontractors.

Consultant-BI informs you that some of these services may include cookies or trackers intended to monitor your activity, such as pixels used for e-mailshots or social-network platforms.

Consultant-BI also checks that the countries where the data is processed, in or outside the European Union, have legislation that is at least as protective of privacy as in Belgium.

The right to access, rectification and objection

You may freely read your data, have it rectified and object to it being processed for direct marketing purposes.

To do this, use the appropriate form from Consultant-BI. In case of doubt concerning the real identity of the person making the request, Consultant-BI reserves the right to seek proof of this.

If you do not want your data to be processed in future, Consultant-BI undertakes to delete your data from its database. You may also object to any form of use for purposes of prospecting or marketing.

Period of retention

Consultant-BI keeps data for the period necessary to the operations for which it was collected. The announced purpose therefore determines its period of retention in accordance with the law, which may impose other durations (for example, in accounting matters).


If you consider that Consultant-Bi is not compliant with its legal or contractual obligations, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Consultant-Bi will provide follow-up as soon as possible.

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